Our Philosophy

Wherever, Whenever Weddings strives to create the perfect day for any bride and/or groom, no matter their budget. We have an extensive list of vendors to choose from and our services cater to the needs of any couple. With the help of our experienced staff, your wedding will be top notch quality and those standards will never change.

 About Us

Wherever, Whenever Weddings is the brainchild of Ta'Ron Johnson and her husband, who also own Wherever, Whenever Personal Assistant Services. Wherever, Whenever Weddings was created in Fall 2008 as a branch off from WWPAS. "We decided to make Wherever, Whenever Weddings because of the constant demand of wedding planning from clients using WWPAS." Although the business is fairly new, the experience behind it is quite seasoned. Ta'Ron specializes in event planning and wanted to specifically do weddings because she never got the chance to have her own "Cinderella" wedding. "It's personal for me. I enjoy helping others with the hardships of planning their weddings and I love to see the looks on their faces when they see how much heart I put into making their dreams come true."
Why do I need a planner?

Although planning your wedding can be fun and romantic, it can also become time consuming and burdensome. To simply put it, wedding planners take away all or a majority of the stress off of you during this hectic time and give you a peace of mind. A wedding planner's job is to have the patience and experience to deal with the constant demands and multi-tasking that comes with planning a wedding. Yes, sometimes cost can be an issue depending on your budget but, most brides have stated that their wedding planners have actually saved them money. It is a personal choice. If you are a person who is good at handling many tasks at once, meeting deadlines, and planning events, a wedding planner probably is not a necessity. But, if you're the exact opposite, hiring a wedding planner may be worthwhile.
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